Mobile website traffic continues to rise and now accounts for 52.2% of all online traffic worldwide. This means that implementing a mobile marketing strategy into your wider marketing plan has never been more important.

A quick Google search and you can find thousands of articles telling you how to implement just that. But the real question is not how you implement it, but how do you get ahead of your competition.

1. Create Conversations

Creating conversations with your customers builds a trustful relationship with them, which helps you to build brand loyalty. By implementing conversations, and not just throwing out passive messages, it allows you to build communities whilst gaining useful information about your customers.

2. Focus on the user journey

More and more people are using their mobile device to search for items and purchase them. This means it is extremely important for the mobile end-user experience to be perfect. If a customer can’t easily find products and buy them on their mobile device then they might not buy at all. Remember, most companies now see around 50% or more of their traffic come from a mobile device.

3. Optimise content for mobile

Following on from the last point, if your businesses content isn’t optimised for mobile then people will struggle to search for you on mobile. Make sure all content is optimised fully for mobile SEO and search. Search engines are putting more focus on providing an improved user experience for its mobile users which will continue to change and grow with mobile SEO. Ensuring your content is fully optimised is a great and simple way of getting ahead of your competition.

4. Get ready for voice search

With the increase in sales for smart speakers over the past year, voice search is steadily on the rise. By ensuring your content is optimised for voice search now, it will allow you to be ahead of the game as users get more used to interacting with search engines on smart speaker devices.

By implementing these tools to get ahead of your competition you will be able to look forward to new means of customer engagement.

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