Did you know that SMS response rates are 8 times higher than email? Or that 23 billion SMS messages will be sent every day in 2018?

In fact, with SMS messages providing a typical 23.3% conversion rate, the underrated and underappreciated marketing channel has never been more relevant.

SMS marketing as a customer engagement and communication tool continues to rise in popularity with young adults and future generations preferring its use over traditional methods such as email. A study earlier this year showed that 75% of millennials prefer to communicate via text about appointments, offers and deliveries.

With SMS you know that once sent, the message is delivered almost instantly to your customer. Though emails might end up in spam or junk folders and unknown numbers mostly go unanswered, text messages almost always get read immediately. In 2018, SMS holds an open rate of 98%!

By sending SMS to your customers you create an opportunity to add personalisation to your message. This helps create a relationship and build trust, something customers look for in brands these days. Personalisation is also an easy way to drive engagement and clicks within a message.


With GDPR introduced this year, it is important to ensure that everyone on your SMS database has positively opted in and that an opt-out option is available in the text. Keywords and shortcodes are simple to set up and ensure that all of your opt-outs are kept safely.

It’s your businesses responsibility to ensure that the data that you’re using for SMS marketing is GDPR compliant and has been collected using the appropriate consumer opt-in.

Smart SMS Marketing

As smartphones are becoming a basic part of modern life, using SMS marketing is a great way to grab your customers attention.

Using our unique mobile messaging technology, including Rich Media Text (RMT) and mDoc, you can send personalised promotional content to your customers, directly into their SMS inbox.

We work with you to ensure you are sending the right content to the right person at the right time, to increase conversions. Each mobile messaging campaign you send is tracked and measured for campaign optimisation. Plus, our no phone left behind policy ensures that every customer receives a message!

If you’d like to find out how we can help you improve your marketing strategy and customer experience through smart mobile marketing, get in touch today!