At last count, messaging app WhatsApp had an enormous 1 billion daily active users, making it the largest messaging platform in many countries.

With a colossal number of consumers, it is no surprise that WhatsApp has launched ‘WhatsApp Business’. A service that enables companies to quickly and directly respond to their customers through the messaging app itself.

WhatsApp has recently launched a new Business API. This will allow businesses to send end-to-end encrypted messages to customers who have started a conversation with them or have asked for specific information from them (such as appointment reminders, delivery tracking information, etc.). WhatsApp is currently working with a selection of more than 90 leading businesses. These companies all have access to the API. This access is intended to be rolled out to more businesses in the near future.

KLM has been an enthusiastic proponent of social media. They are the world’s first airline to offer customer services on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as harnessing Messenger and WeChat services. In September, KLM became the first airline to use the service. The airline offers flight information and boarding passes to customers through their verified WhatsApp business account.

Another brand that has been testing the new API is Sale Stock who have reported that their customers have read 90% of the messages delivered to them. This is a very attractive number for businesses looking to engage with their customers through direct messaging.

Facebook Messenger Integration

Facebook advertisers will soon have the option to create ads on Facebook that link directly to WhatsApp. The adverts will immediately start a WhatsApp conversation between the customer and the business. Businesses will also be able to add a ‘click-to-message’ button to their Facebook page and website. Advertising to WhatsApp through Facebook will allow marketers to measure their adverts performance through Facebook analytics. This will show how many conversations the ads have generated, impressions, CTR, etc.

We have had huge success with our clients using Facebook messenger adverts to start conversations with their customers. So, we have no doubt that WhatsApp Business will become a leading customer service tool for organisations around the world.

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