As we return from the fantastic Las Vegas Intensive by marketing heavyweights Perry Belcher and Roland Frasier, we look back on the key highlights from this fantastic conference.

The program was focussed heavily on how to balance your marketing mix, with smarter mobile marketing at the forefront of conversation.

Here are our key takeaways:

Conversational Marketing

The first main topic of discussion revolved around the fact that one-way marketing conversations no longer cut it. Customers want to feel involved and engaged which is why so many businesses are moving over to Facebook Messenger.

Many businesses are making the same mistake with their Messenger bots by not making them conversational enough, leading to frustration or disinterest from the end user. It is important to keep this conversation as natural as possible, this isn’t the place for the hard sell.

Email isn’t dead, yet.

A talk of particular interest to us looked at how to make the most of a dated yet important element of digital marketing – the humble email send.

When structured correctly, emails can still garner huge open and read rates, resulting in long-term growth and increased brand awareness. Regular email list maintenance and cleansing is absolutely key to a strong send. We then discussed the possibility of converting your old email list into a Facebook Messenger audience using a click to messenger CTA, this is very exciting for us.

Mobile First Thinking

There was a focus on smarter mobile marketing, which is exactly what we focus on here at Digitonic. Mr Belcher emphasised that “mobile lead capture is usually more than 50% cheaper than desktop lead capture”.

We’ve always been a “mobile first” company and this part of the session provided us with a huge amount of new ideas to implement through our range of products such as AdNews, Yapper and mDoc.

Until Next Time…

It’s been a very insightful few days in Las Vegas. We’ve heard from some of the world’s leading digital marketers and we are looking forward to putting our findings into practice for our clients.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with smart mobile marketing, we would love to hear from you.