Paid social media advertising has become a vital part of any social strategy. However, it is just as important to understand how to use the Facebook Ad Manager platform and make necessary tweaks based on campaign feedback.

Finding your customers via Facebook, given its rich profiling, sounds simple but it is far from it. You can’t simply put a creative into Ad Manager, select your audience, sit back and watch the conversions and acquisition soar.

Understand your Facebook Audience

Digitonic’s approach to Facebook Advertising is more effective. We use Ad Manager to scope out a new wider and targeted audience. The new audience is determined by your page’s demographic and users that have previously engaged with similar content, ensuring that the right people are seeing your ad.

Facebook gives users a lot of control over the content and ads that they see on their News Feed. It is essential to listen to this information and adjust your audience accordingly. The reach estimated by Facebook is dependent on how well you can adjust your advert.

Relevance Score

Ad relevance is arguably one of the most important pieces to Facebook Advertising – after goal setting – and it is determined by the below:

  • How well your ad is performing against your objective.
  • The Positive feedback that you want from people who engage with your ad (ex: app installs, clicks, video views).
  • The Negative feedback (ex: Someone clicks “I don’t want to see this” on your ad).

The better you control your advert’s audience, the more you will reduce your cost per click/impression/engagement, etc.

The relevance score shows the relevance of an ad to the target audience. The two major factors that can improve your ad’s relevance score are targeting and creative. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Be specific with your targeting – Are these your target customers?
  2. Consider your ad’s creative and message – Consider if your CTA is clear.
  3. Refresh your ad – Have your audience seen this ad multiple times and become numb to it?
  4. Learn from testing – Use A/B testing available on Ad Manager and test what works for your brand.
  5. Be genuine – Avoid using offensive and misleading content.

It is hugely important to consider the above when understanding the power of the Facebook user in this instance.

If you’re spending on social advertising then chat to us today about how to run your budget more efficiently and effectively.