Marketing through social media is not new but it is evolving to fit with how people are using the Internet, what devices they are using, and how apps are being used. Social technology is evolving from user-focused platforms to channels that help brands build and communicate with their consumers.

Chatbots have been on the rise for the past year and whilst customer support is an obvious use case for chatbots, marketing-led chatbots are innovative and simple ways to create leads.

Marketing through a chatbot gives you a simple but powerful way to begin your sales funnel in the form of a conversation with your customers. It is based on telling users about your business and products through automated and guided conversation.

How can a chatbot work for your marketing campaign?

The New Landing Page

Where you can link out, you can link to a bot! You can easily link an ad to your bot, which gives you the opportunity to explain your offering and convert clickers. As opposed to your typical landing page, you are able to reach and retarget these users with personalised messages at a later date.

The New Contact Form

You can use your Messenger chatbot to replace contact forms and callback request forms on your website. Collecting information, following up and converting your customers through a chatbot is possible! Simply create an interactive and engaging user journey, which will reduce drop off rates at the contact form level.


Reminding your customers of product launches, updates, and any other information is a great way of keeping your customers engaged. You can notify specific customers of your news, based on their preferences and past behaviour, and attach a dedicated conversation flow to this update feeding your customers into the sales funnel.

The New Newsletters

Email newsletters play a huge part in current marketing strategies to build a relationship between the user and the brand. However, open rates are very low and inaccurate and engagement rates even lower. Messages sent through Messenger see up to 90% open rate and create a 2-way conversation.

Engagement tool

Messenger bots allow you to drive engagements through interactive quizzes, surveys and more. Sending rich media content into the Messenger inbox increases engagement and makes the conversation more fun and interesting to the user.

With these tools, Messenger bots prove themselves to be the newest interactive and engaging way to market to your customers and increase sales.

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