Facebook has been synonymous with ‘social network’ since its rise at the start of the 21st century. It has continued to evolve as a platform and remains a major media platform, and one of the main places where people spend time on the web with users estimated to spend up to 50 minutes a day on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram combined.

However, Facebook is no longer a social network per se – a place where you would connect and interact with friends on a daily basis. With their recent announcement of 2 billion active users, it is clear that Facebook is being used as much as ever – however, people aren’t just using it to socialise.

Users are now accessing the platform primarily for news, entertainment and games, as well as for business updates plus updates from their friends and family. Content is mostly generated from brands and external sources, and Facebook is adapting to these changes and providing better user experiences. It has evolved as a platform alongside its users, and it is only natural that Messenger evolves with it.

Businesses, both online and brick and mortar, are limited in the time or resources that they have to respond to customers directly and instantly through messaging platforms. This is where chatbots come into play, or as we like to call them ‘automated conversations’.

Automated conversations are an easy way to engage with your customers on Messenger. Here are the top 5 areas of your business that could be improved through using automated conversations on Messenger.

Customer Service and After-Sales care

It is easy for your customer service team to get overloaded with simple queries that could be answered through an FAQ on a website. You can now leave this entire task to the Messenger bot that will answer standard questions based on AI, or on a cleverly laid out automated conversation flow, freeing your customer service team’s time to focus on key issues.

With the ‘Send to Messenger’ checkbox, you can also send receipts and confirmations to your customers via Messenger. KLM have been first movers in the airline industry, keeping their customers up to date with check-in information and delayed flights, etc.


Your sales funnel starts as soon as a customer encounters your brand. With a large presence on social media and especially through paid advertisement, consumers will interact with your brand and research products on your social media channels, or get redirected to your website through these channels. As any sales person will know, a warm lead is easier to convert, but in order to get warm leads you must have all the information necessary easily available to your customers. An automated sales funnel on Messenger could be just what you need. By navigating users through a sales funnel and giving them all the information at hand, as well as rich media to enhance their experience, customers will be in a better buying position saving your sales team’s time.


Messenger can help you showcase your products in an interesting and engaging way. Some of our clients have used quizzes to promote events; others have sent TV adverts directly into the Messenger inbox of their Messenger customer base.


It is important to keep your customers engaged with your brand to ensure repurchase and loyalty. Through Messenger, you can contact your customers that have already interacted with you on the platform and send them updates on your latest products and services.


Most companies will use their social media channels to promote their products and services but it is also a great platform to showcase company culture and to promote job opportunities. As well as promoting these jobs on your page, you can now create an HR funnel on your messenger platform. It’s the perfect way to get information about potential candidates and give them a better idea of your company. An original way of doing this could be asking some questions that are more based on your company culture, or you could simply ask for their experience and contact details.

Facebook Inc’s overarching business goal is to be the place that people come to for everything. From keeping in touch with their friends, to booking a restaurant, Facebook wants to be your one and only everyday tool.

The ways in which automated conversations within Messenger can help your business are endless, saving you time, money and creating a more engaging customer experience.

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