As Digitonic turns 7, our MD Grant Fraser shares his thoughts on this special day and year ahead.

My 4am alarm woke me this morning for my now almost weekly business trip to London. Like most people, I normally touch the sleep button a couple of times, sometimes too many times, to give me that extra few minutes in bed before the taxi picks me up.

Not this morning. Today is Digitonic’s 7th Birthday and I jumped out of bed with extra vigour! Not because we’re having a party, just back-to-back meetings in London with key clients and exciting new prospects.

I met my business partner, Iain, in Glasgow Airport and he also had a spring in his step. We shook hands, wished each other a happy birthday, congratulated each other, and then set our minds to making this year our biggest and best yet.

Intellectual Property at Digitonic

I’m especially proud of the Intellectual Property that Digitonic has built since launching, that now gives us a real competitive advantage. The backbone of this IP is the pioneering mobile marketing technology that the Digitonic team has built to help our clients acquire and retain customers. We’re currently working with Metis Partners to fully define all elements of our IP strategy. I am pretty confident that if you spoke to our partners they would confirm how innovative our products and services are and the significant difference we make to their marketing campaigns on a day-to-day basis. Entr and mDoc are our two latest products that are helping to drive the company forward.

I am passionate about the reputation that we have worked hard to build for being ‘The Most Compliant’ mobile marketing and technology company in the UK. This is a bold statement, but I am so confident that no company is undertaking the extra steps that we do to not just follow best practice but to help raise and set the standard within the industry. The Direct Marketing Association would agree with this if we challenged them.

Marketing with Morals

A recent independent magazine article about Digitonic had the headline “Marketing with Morals” and that made me smile. I believe that if any stranger walked into our Glasgow Head Office and worked with us for half a day they would immediately see our attention to detail from a compliance and legislation perspective. This approach has helped generate the trust that is essential to long-term success and the reason that we are now fortunate enough to have brands as clients that we could only have dreamt about working with when we launched.

The amount of time, effort and money that we have spent to be at the forefront of compliance is now really paying off. We’re now using this experience to help businesses combat the effects of GDPR. Over the next 12 months our technology will be used to help brands with their GDPR data re-permissioning. I cannot stress enough how important the next year is for our business and also for all UK businesses as they prepare for GDPR.

Client Success

What I like most is the real difference my team makes to the marketing performance of the clients that we work for and the gratitude that we receive from them. Our smart mobile marketing doesn’t just look good, but delivers measurable results. One automotive client gave us a test budget of £40,000 and we delivered over £4,000,000 in sales. A different automotive client asked us to undertake a small, highly profiled mobile marketing campaign using our mDoc technology. For under £1,000 our campaign helped deliver 17 new cars sales for this luxury brand and again a significant ROI. A long-term e-gaming client has given us just over £1,000,000 in fees over 3 years and we’ve delivered around 18,000 new customers that have generated our client over £12,000,000 in revenue. We’ve worked extensively with our retail clients to increase sales online, increasing and tracking footfall within their shops. These results have always been achieved in a manner that protects and enhances our client’s brand.

2017 is going to be a challenging and exciting year as we launch our new products and services. We’ve established our first ever Advisory Board, bringing together top business experts that will help the company fulfill our ambition and potential.

A Big Thank You

Iain and I are eternally grateful for all the support our families, friends, business contacts, partners and suppliers have given us over the last 7 years. There are too many to name all, but special praise should be given to Stephen Usher from accountancy firm KPP, Gordon Brown and Chris Lowden from our recruitment firm, Nine Twenty. Philip Hannay from our lawyers Cloch, Bryan Garvie from our PR firm The BIG Partnership, John Mitchison and James Milligan from The DMA. Last but certaintly not least, thanks to Graeme McClurkin from Factory73 and Neil Morgan who have been constant business advisors over the years.

It has been a great 7 years but the best is yet to come from our talented team of mobile marketing experts!