An IAB UK study revealed that over 66% of marketers believe location-based marketing is the ‘most exciting’ mobile opportunity. Yet still many retailers and venues, big and small, do not implement technology to fully understand who their customers are and how often they visit. Understanding customer trends, behaviours and patterns can help shape and improve your business enormously.

It’s time to leverage customer’s growing acceptance of sharing their location. Consumers want personalisation, so how can you create personalised experiences without knowing more about how your specific customers interact with your venue locations?

Mobile is an extension of a brand’s brick and mortar venues and can offer a seamless journey across channels, improving experiences and boosting ROI.

New mobile technology has opened the door to opportunities for retailers to improve the customer experience and in-turn make your venue a place that consumers keep returning to, time and time again.

A survey conducted by Econsultancy, ‘Trends in the retail Sector’, showed the five main opportunities areas by retailers:

  1. Improving customer experience – 23%
  2. Personalisation – 21%
  3. Mobile – 18%
  4. Multichannel – 10%
  5. Big data – 9%

Here are some of the opportunities implementing location-based analytics can create:

Actionable Marketing Events:

  • Welcome back (customer has re-entered)
  • Thanks for visiting (customer has departed)
  • Dwell time (customer has been present for a specified time)
  • Dwell time milestone (customer has been cumulatively present for a specified time)
  • Multi location milestone (customer has visited specified number of locations)
  • Visit pre-empt (based on prior visit patterns, assume visit is imminent)
  • Lapse recovery (based on prior visit patterns, assume lapse is occurring)
  • Reactivation (customer has not been present for a specified time)
  • Reward (customer has visited a specified number of times)
  • Respond (customer has visited on specific dates)

Customer Segmentation Variables:

  • Days of visit
  • Times of visit
  • Durations of visit
  • Locations of visit
  • Frequency of visit
  • Responsiveness to marketing channels
  • Responsiveness to offer categories

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Benchmark direct marketing performance via customer visit response
  • Benchmark customer dwell times
  • Benchmark customer visit frequency
  • Benchmark marketing campaign ROI, i.e. CPMs vs. Visit
  • Benchmark marketing cost per incremental visit vs. control groups
  • Identify high value customers
  • Identify & predict lapsing customers
  • Create & test a marketing model to increase benchmarked metrics


Location data tells more about consumers than their whereabouts, it provides richer insights into buyer behavior. Digitonic have developed unique, specific on-location analytics allowing a retailer or venue operator to understand who their customers are, how often they visit, and how long they stay. Entr doesn’t require an app or Bluetooth; all that is needed is a single, simple Wi-Fi sign-up from the customer. Entr then measures the number of future visits, and duration of each visit, for every single venue that the customer steps into. If you’d like to find out more about Entr drop us an email hello@digitonic.co.uk or call us on 0141 530 4080